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Established in 2017 in Sydney, Australia with the desire to create and bring the femininity and sophistication to each piece of jewellery.

We strive for everyday pieces that are dainty and timeless, whilst making the statement you want to show. We believe that continuously changing and improving ourselves is the best way to bring our products closer to you - as all our collections are designed to be worn by you.

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18k gold plated over stainless steel

This is my line

No more heavy earrings!

925 sterling silver

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Jewellery and Cafe

You heard it right

If you love coffee and tea content, we've got you hun. Follow our instagram or youtube to enjoy weekly videos from Katherynloche home cafe & mini jewellery showcase. Take a sip and see our jewellery in action!

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Modern Noir

Timeless beauty

Less is more with a minimalist look, but quality jewellery paired with an equally impressive outfit still packs a punch - every time

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