About Us


These are the things that jewellery must be; no compromise, no exceptions.

From the moment you put on that necklace and pair of earrings, you deserve to feel the value in it. The way that it makes you feel and look, and knowing that it has been hand-selected just for you, lets you know that these essential pieces truly complete and elevate your outfit.

"Style. It always comes down to what you truly need; that special touch that completes your trendy self. Whether its glamour, elegance, noir or chic, we are here simply to provide you the best choice for your personal look."


In today's world of high-cost fashion jewellery, the idea of highest quality and lowest price don't always co-exist; despite other areas of the fashion industry moving towards more price-friendly product offerings. We want to challenge the attitudes of these firms. Through providing alternatives to some of the names in fashion, whilst still striving for a degree of quality that we girls deserve, we aim to do just that.

And thus we are dedicated to a simple mantra: Provide you with some truly amazing and vividly exciting pieces, at as little cost as can be mustered. In the process, we want to empower individuals to define themselves and be confident in what they wear.



...is found in the everyday: through fashion bloggers, magazines and social media, we find what is on-trend, and desired by you. All that's left is to provide them to you at prices that tempt you to add them to your collection, accentuating your style.



Our goal is to strive to continue providing an ever-growing catalogue of on-trend and fashion-aware products that will always be available through the easiest means, at the best prices we can provide to you. The right detail can elevate your look instantly whilst emphasizing your individual style.

Through our online store, we can give you not only the means to compliment your charm, but also help you complete your jewelry collection effortlessly. With us, you have the power to find the missing pieces you've been searching for.

We all have our own stories. Every story is told differently and has the right to be shared. 

The team here at Katherynloche is waiting for yours.  

Discover your story tonight!