Product Care and Maintenance

How to take care your costume fashion jewellery? Here are our tips that will help you in the long term.

  1. Always keep your jewellery clean by avoiding any exposure to water, creams, lotions, perfume, oils and other substances that can be harsh to the items. Make sure to take off your favourite pieces before washing your hands, or applying any perfume, or lotion.
  2. Avoid showering or swimming with your jewellery or wearing them in saunas or hot areas.
  3. Always keep items stored separately in a sealed box, plastic bag, or a soft pouch to help prevent tarnishing, tangling, or damage.
  4. When you notice any discoloration from residue or other foreign matter on your jewellery, wipe the area with a piece of cotton fabric to restore them to a clean state.
  5. To keep items looking their best, give them a break every now and then. Fashion jewellery will retain their looks better if you wear them on occasion not every day. By doing that, you can avoid discoloration on your pieces, as well as giving them a break to try something new ;). However, if you wish to have a daily basic jewellery piece, check out our handmade pieces which are plated in gold, which keep its colour in longer term. Otherwise have a couple pieces on-hand will mean keeping good rotations between a few of your favorites!
  1. Remember to take off items before sleep. Let them rest in that box or soft ouch you bought for them :)

Investing in any fashion jewellery will help you to always stay fashionable on an affordable budget. Don’t forget to keep them clean, in order to keep them perfect and stylish

We hope our tips help you keep your products in great condition!

With love,